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Thorough Washing with the BioTek® 405™TSUVS Plate Washer for SMC® Technology

Ensure consistent performance of your SMC® assays using the BioTek® 405™TSUVS Plate Washer specifically designed for use with SMC® technology, for thorough washing.

How Is the BioTek® 405™TSUVS Plate Washer Specific for SMC® Assays?

When counting at the single molecule level, it is critical to ensure reliable assay performance. For SMC® assays, one vital consideration is to ensure thorough bead washing during key stages of the workflow. The BioTek® 405™TSUVS Plate Washer for SMC® technology has been specifically modified with a custom magnetic plate and SMC® specific wash procedures to improve assay performance by preventing bead loss and ensuring consistency between wells.

Image of the BioTek® 405™TSUVS Plate Washer for SMC® Technology which offers consistent performance with thorough washing

Figure 1.The BioTek® 405™TSUVS Plate Washer for SMC® Technology.

The BioTek® 405™TSUVS Magnetic 96-Well Washer for SMC® technology has the benefits of:

  • All the standard features of the BioTek® 405™ TS Magnetic 96-Well Washer
  • Customized plate washing protocols designed to optimize performance and prevent bead loss for SMC® workflows
  • A custom magnetic plate uniquely manufactured for SMC® assays
  • A vacuum regulator designed for use on SMC® assays
  • Bottle kit
  • Adaptability for use in MILLIPLEX® bead-based assay workflow based on Luminex® xMAP® technology when using a compatible Dexter 96F magnet

Plate Washer Features

In addition to the unique features of the SMC® washer design, this plate washer has the same features available on the standard BioTek® 405™TSUVS Washer, a globally recognized standard for microplate washers. This includes unique features designed to wash microsphere-based assays efficiently and effectively with outstanding results for every application.

Adjustable Settings

Angled dispense tubes and adjustable dispense and aspiration rate settings to optimize washing.

Self-Maintaining Design

A patented ultrasonic bath enables the instrument to automatically clean buildup in the manifold preventing manifold tube clogs.


Allows for washing of both 96-and 384-well plates. Also includes automated internal buffer switching from up to 4 different buffer bottles.

Adaptable for Use with Luminex® Assays

The washer is easily adaptable for use with Luminex® bead-based assays. By exchanging the magnetic plate on the SMC® washer with a Dexter 96F magnet available from BioTek® products (part# 7103016), as well as the addition of washing protocols, the washer can easily be used for other types of assays with no physical adjustments to the washer required.

Use with the SMC® Plate Washer Evaluation Kit

Utilize our unique plate washer evaluation kit to ensure optimal performance of your washer before running any precious samples.

Learn how to maintain this plate washer in our BioTek® plate washer maintenance article.


For Research Use Only. Not For Use In Diagnostic Procedures.

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