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Millicup™-FLEX Disposable Vacuum Filtration Units and Demo Video

Millicup™-FLEX disposable vacuum filtration

Millicup™-FLEX disposable vacuum filtration

Millicup™-FLEX disposable vacuum filtration units place control in your hands, providing the benefits of traditional glassware with the time-saving flexibility of disposable solutions.

  • Compatible with organic and aqueous solvents
  • User-selected, 47 mm membrane filter
  • Ergonomic, clampless design
  • Reduced contamination risk
  • Filter directly into vacuum-rated storage bottles
  • Easy access to membrane after filtration
  • Fully recyclable components

How to use Millicup™-FLEX Filtration Units

Select membrane

  1. Based on your application and solvent, select the appropriate 47 mm membrane filter. We offer mixed cellulose ester (MCE), polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), polycarbonate membrane filters, Millipore Express® PES membranes, and Durapore® PVDF membranes, among other niche membrane filters.

Assemble Millicup™-FLEX filtration unit

  1. Connect the threaded membrane support collar to a vacuum-rated, receiver bottle by turning in a clockwise manner until the collar is fully tightened, ensuring the gasket remains in place.
  2. Using smooth-tip forceps, place a 47 mm membrane disc onto the support collar.
  3. Without disturbing the filter, center the base of the funnel on top of the membrane support base and gently press down until you hear an audible “click”.

Connect vacuum source and filter solution

  1. Attach one of the included tube adapters to the integrated vacuum port, connecting one end of the vacuum tubing to the system and the other end to the vacuum source.
  2. Pour sample into funnel and apply vacuum until filtration is complete, rinsing the funnel (if required) while the vacuum is on.
Assemble Millicup™-FLEX filtration unit

Remove filtration device and recycle

  1. Turn off the vacuum and remove tubing. If membrane removal is desired, gently lift up on the funnel for access.
  2. Remove the collar by turning in a counter-clockwise manner until loosened. If desired, place a cap onto the receiver bottle for storage.
  3. Recycle the filtration unit appropriately. See our complete recycling instructions below.

How to Recycle Millicup™-FLEX Disposable Vacuum Filter Units

All three components of the Millicup™-FLEX unit are fully recyclable, minimizing your environmental impact. Before placing the unit in your lab’s mixed plastic or single-stream recycling, you must remove the membrane and rinse any residual solids from the funnel and support collar.

Recycling your Millicup™-FLEX Disposable Vacuum Filter Units

Millicup™-FLEX Disposable Vacuum Filtration Units

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