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Convenient Measurement of Water by GC with Watercol™ Series Columns

Save Time & Money with our Revolutionary Watercol™ Columns

The Watercol™ capillary GC columns allow the qualitative and quantitative analysis of water in a variety of matrices, by GC, eliminating the need for special testing for water. This is a revolutionary new column that is taking the industry by storm, causing analytical chemists to say, "It's magic!”


Analyze trace levels of water & organics with one easy GC method.

  • Eliminate the hassle of special testing for water
  • Obtain reliable and reproducible results

Proven Applications:

  • Water in Liquid Petroleum Products
  • Water in Alcohols
  • Water in Gasoline
  • Water in Ethanol
  • Water in Solvents
  • Water in Ibuprofen
  • And many more...

Watercol™ capillary GC columns contain innovative ionic liquid stationary phases that produce a sharp peak shape for water. Narrow peak widths and optimal peak heights are also produced for many other small polar analytes. Therefore, these columns are suitable for applications where:

  • Water is an analyte: it can be integrated and quantified
  • Water is the injection solvent: because water does not tail, it does not interfere chromatographically with other analytes

The Watercol column, coupled with the appropriate detector, has reliably and reproducibly measured water concentration in a variety of matrices from levels down to 0.5ppm up to 99+% water. Used with Shimadzu's Nexis GC-2030 Trace Moisture Analysis GC/BID for sub-ppm levels, and with a Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD) for up to 99+% water, you can achieve excellent water retention, separation and peak shapes.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to save time and money with this revolutionary new column! Get yours today and discover the “magic” for yourself.

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