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Titration with the Titrette® Bottletop Burette

This article discusses how to operate the BRAND® Titrette® Bottletop Burette – the first bottle-top burette to satisfy Class A error limits for glass burettes. The determination of the end point drop by drop – if necessary even up to 3 decimal places – can be done quickly and reliably.

  1. Place the container with the test solution under the titration tube of the Titrette® and remove the titration tube cap.
  2. Turn on the Titrette® and start the titration.
  3. If the approximate concentration is known, the titration will proceed quickly until shortly before the end point.
  4. Then add the standard solution drop by drop, until the color change.
  5. Before starting the next titration, the display has to be set back to “0” using “Clear”.
  6. To refill the Titrette®, move the piston upwards until it stops.
  7. Now the Titrette® is ready for the next titration.
  8. If the titration is started without a full refill, then the piston may reach the stop before the end point. Simply raise the piston again for filling. The display valve will remain fixed during this filling process – the titration will continue as usual drop by drop with the highest possible precision.
  9. To reduce crystal deposits and evaporation always fill the device completely to the upper stop after titration.

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