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  • Complex chiral environment
  • π-π interactions
  • Chiral hydrogen bonding sites
  • Peptide binding site
  • Inclusion complexation
  • Multi-modal possibilites
  • Excellent alternative to crown ether and ligand exchange for amino acids and hydroxy acids
  • Complementary to CHIROBIOTIC™ V

CHIROBIOTIC™ phases are based on covalently bonding macrocyclic glycoproteins to a high purity, spherical silica gel in such a way as to establish its stability while retaining essential components for chiral recognition. The CHIROBIOTIC™ T is based on bonding the amphoteric glycopeptide Teicoplanin to a 5µm silica gel through multiple covalent linkages. Teicoplanin contains 23 chiral centers surrounding four pockets or cavities. Hydrogen donor and acceptor sites are readily available close to seven aromatic rings. This type of arrangement is known to be highly favorable for a number of enantiomeric separations.

Types of Chiral Analytes

The CHIROBIOTIC™ T has unique selectivity for a number of classes of molecules, specifically underivatized amino acids, N-derivatized amino acids, i.e. FMOC, CBZ and hydroxy-carboxylic acids, acidic compounds including carboxylic acids and phenols, small peptides, neutral aromatic analytes and cyclic aromatic and aliphatic amines. One of the major features of CHIROBIOTIC™ T is its "complementary stereoselectivity" to the CHIROBIOTIC™ V column. If, after optimization, the CHIROBIOTIC™ V column does not resolve the analyte to baseline, using the CHIROBIOTIC™ T column in the same mobile phase results in complete resolution. This phenomena also works in reverse.

Mobile Phases

The CHIROBIOTIC™ T has demonstrated equal versatility in both reversed phase and normal phase solvents. It has shown great versatility in the new polar organic phase mode. Since Teicoplanin contains peptide, carbohydrate and other ionizable groups, it is not surprising that the enantioselectivity appears to be different in each of these modes. This allows for the potential to separate a greater variety of chiral analytes. The stationary phase is unaffected when switching between the three mobile phase systems.

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