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High-purity Solvents: UHPLC-MS, LC-MS, & HPLC Instrumental Analyses

High-purity solvents

We are committed to providing our customers with the widest selection of high-purity solvents, specifically designed to deliver ultimate performance in UHPLC-MS, LC-MS, and HPLC Instrumental Analysis. In agreement with our commitment, we offer solvents under two premium brands: LiChrosolv® solvents and OmniSolv® solvents (only in the US and Canada) under the Supelco® portfolio for regulated/accredited application fields and SigmaAldrich® portfolio for research fields. Our large portfolios of analytical solvents allow for reliable, accurate, and reproducible results without demanding costly purification and repeated analyses. Also, our latest advancement in purification technology reaches a new quality milestone in the category of high-purity solvents, thereby enabling accurate and reproducible results.

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