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Embryo Culture Media

Today, transgenic techniques are employed with a wide range of organisms to study gene function. Transgenic mice are used extensively in molecular biology for the study of gene function, because they are relatively easy to work with and inexpensive. One widely used technique for creating transgenic mice involves the creation and injection of stably transfected mouse embryonic stem cells (ES) into mouse blastocyst embryos.

Application Note: Creating Transgenic Mice using CRISPR-Cas9 Genome Editing

To enable embryo collection, manipulation, and transfer techniques, we offer a wide selection of mouse embryo media and reagents including M2, modified M16, FHM and proprietary KSOM mouse embryo media formulations. All of our media are tested on mouse embryos and manufactured using the highest quality raw materials available. Both liquid and powder EmbryoMax™ media are available for many classic formulations

Embryo Handling and Manipulation (HEPES-based media formulations)

M2: M2 embryo media is a modified Krebs-Ringer solution buffered with HEPES, is commonly used for collection of embryos and when handling them outside the incubator for extended periods of time. FHM: With a function similar to M2, the FHM medium is a modification of KSOM where part of bicarbonate is replaced with HEPES buffer. FHM is typically used as an embryo medium for washing and handling embryos outside the CO2 incubators.

Embryo Culture and Development (Bicarbonate-based formulations)

KSOM: KSOM media allows outbred zygotes to overcome the two-cell block and supports in vitro and in vivo Development of various mouse strains. KSOM allows for higher rates of cell division and produces higher yields of blastocyst development.

M16: Classic embryo culture media based on modified Krebs-Ringer bicarbonate solution.

Stages of Embryo Development

Zygote Mouse Day 0
2-Cell Day 1
4-Cell Day 1-2
Multi-Cell Day 2
Morula Day 2-3
Blastocyst Day 3-4

New Product Focus

EmbryoMax® Advanced KSOM Embryo Medium

EmbryoMax® Advanced KSOM Embryo Medium

Advanced KSOM is a new uniquely buffered modified version of the original KSOM formulation that enables:

  • One medium for both embryo handling in atmospheric conditions and culturing in a CO2 Incubator.
  • Higher frequency of blastocyst formation across multiple mice strains
  • No medium pre-equilibration step required

Application Note: Development of a New Advanced KSOM Mouse Embryo Media that Enables Dual-Use Embryo Culture and Cell Handling Applications

Mouse embryo development

Mouse Embryo Media
Mouse Embryo Tested Reagents
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