The ready-to-use version may be advantageous when you prefer not to assemble all of the components on field. It can be purchased as it is or in separate parts to be assembled by the customer.

In the ready-to-use version, the adsorbing cartridge is already contained in a diffusive body closed with a polycarbonate screw-thread cap. The whole is closed in a polypropylene airtight container. Just before use draw the diffusive body out of the container and fit it to the special snapping vertical adapter fixed to the supporting plate. After the end of exposure, the diffusive body with its content is placed again in the polypropylene airtight container to be shipped to the laboratory for analysis. The ready-to-use radiello (polycarbonate cap, glass or plastic tube, special snapping vertical adapter, barcode label and polypropylene container) is available for the sampling of the following compounds:


top right: radiello-ready-to-use;
top left: the diffusive body with the polycarbonate cap and the adsorbing cartridge inside
bottom: the special snapping adapter (Product No. RAD1221)


Supporting plate with the vertical snapping adapter attached.

Important: for the ready-to-use version the supporting plate needs to be ordered separately. The ready-to-use samplers are stable for 3 months. If you prefer to assemble it by yourself, you should order:

  • diffusive bodies (of the required type)
  • adsorbing cartridges (of the required type)
  • polycarbonate caps, Product No. RAD1241
  • special snapping adapters, Product No. RAD1221
  • polypropylene containers, Product No. RAD1242
  • supporting plates, Product No. RAD121

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