AI, VR, Gender-neutrality & Clean Labels: How are Trends Influencing the F&F Industry?

Megan Maunze, Head of Marketing – Regulated Materials for Flavors & Fragrances


The F&F industry continues to adapt and evolve as new consumer trends and advancements in technology emerge. Let’s take a closer look at how digitization, genderless scents, naturals and clean labels are influencing how new formulations for the flavor and fragrance market are being developed.

Digitization – VR and AI

Advances in technology have had an impact on our daily lives. Many of us may start the day by saying “Hey Google, what’s the weather today?” – and receive an instant response of what the local weather will be. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come a long way over the years, and many consumers are now using AI daily from their smart phones, Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

It’s fascinating to see how AI technology is transcending into the F&F industry. One such example was showcased during Flavorcon 2018, where Nimesha Ranasinghe, Ph.D., presented his research on digital flavors in which virtual and sensory information are used to provide the taste sensation.

Virtual reality (VR) is being used to marry all of our senses together, creating unique experiences for consumers. One example of this is Coty’s multisensory fragrance experience, which uses VR technology to help consumers find “perfumes that matched their preferred scent territory”. Symrise has used AI technology to design specific scents that represent the different districts of Berlin. Givaudan has developed an AI tool that helps to streamline their development of a new fragrance formulation, while keeping the art and creativity in the hands of the perfumer.

Genderless Scents

There are several gender-neutral products on the market, but consumers are looking for more in the beauty industry. To meet this demand, perfumers are formulating unisex fragrances to help blur the lines of traditional female and male scents. Find a nice review by Cosmetics & Toiletries outlining the reasons why there is a growing desire for more genderless products.

This trend of consumers not wanting to be labelled or defined a certain way has carved out a space for customizable products. Consumers enjoy the freedom of having a hand in making a scent that is uniquely theirs. There are now many options on the market where customers can purchase kits to mix and match their own scents. This not only brings individuality to their scents, but it easily provides the consumer different options to wear from day to day.

Naturals & Clean Labels

Consumer demand for naturals remains strong and is driving the need for more natural ingredients that have a consistent and reliable supply, in order to formulate the flavors and scents consumers will enjoy. This focus on naturals is driving innovation in the use of biotechnology as natural products are now being produced through enzymes and microorganisms.

Today’s consumer is more educated about the foods they consume and wants clean labels. This puts pressure on the regulations to bring more transparency to consumers. The clean label movement is strongly impacting cleaning products and fragrances and the industry is taking the need for more transparency seriously. Discussions, like the one held during the Cleaning Products Cleaner Future Summit sponsored by P&G, bring the industry together to examine possible solutions.

Expansion of Aroma Chemicals

As the F&F industry and consumer needs evolve, we strive to bring you new and interesting ingredients to formulate the next great flavor or scent. We regularly update our F&F New Products Page to inform customers of our newest products, so you can easily find them at your fingertips and request samples.

For some of the most current flavor and fragrance trends, check out the aroma chemicals below:


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