Lenti GoClone

Complete Reporter System for Human miRNA Target Validation

MISSION® 3′UTR Lenti GoClone powered by SwitchGear Genomics™

An Ideal Functional Tool for Human miRNA Target Validation

Validate miRNA targets and study post-transcriptional gene regulation with lentiviral 3′UTR reporters.

We have partnered with SwitchGear Genomics to offer the MISSION® 3’UTR Lenti GoClone system. The new system utilizes viral vectors to deliver human 3′UTRs fused to SwitchGear’s novel RenSP reporter gene. LightSwitch Luciferase Assay Reagent's have been designed specifically for use with RenSP and deliver maximum sensitivity, dynamic range, and convenience.

  • A genome-wide collection of pre-cloned reporter constructs for over 10,000 human 3’UTRs
  • Contructs are composed of a human 3’UTR fused to a novel luciferase reporter
  • Optimized Renilla luciferase delivers higher activity
  • System utilizes a lentiviral vector for delivery into difficult to transfect cell lines, including differentiated and non-dividing cells
  • Superb virus quality delivers superior performance
  • Negative controls, miRNA Mimics, and MISSION® LightSwitch Luciferase Assay Reagent are available to complete the validation workflow

Benefits of using the MISSION® 3′UTR Lenti GoClone Products

  • Flexibility: Achieve reporter expression in a wide range of mammalian cell lines including differentiated and non-dividing cells
  • Experimental consistency: easily create stably expressing cell lines
  • Convenience: Sequence-verified, pre-cloned luciferase reporter constructs for over 10,000 human 3′UTRs
  • Optimized: All constructs use SwitchGear’s novel RenSP luciferase gene and optimized LightSwitch Luciferase Assay Reagent's


miRNA Target Validation Workflow
  1. Transduce a MISSION® 3'UTR Lenti GoClone into your cell line of choice.
  2. A constitutive promoter drives production of a hybrid luciferase (RenSp)-human 3’UTR transcript. The RenSP luciferase produces luminescence when subjected to luciferase substrate
  3. Transfect miRNA mimic.
  4. If the inserted miRNA recognizes and binds to the specific 3’UTR, the miRNA will affect the transcript stability and/or translational efficiency and there will be a reduction in luminescence.
  5. Add luciferase substrate and measure luminescence by use of luminometer.