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Probe-based qPCR

Probe-based qPCR functions by recognition of a specific sequence on the desired PCR product. Unlike SYBR® Green qPCR methods, that use a intercalating dye to bind all double-stranded DNA, probe-based qPCR uses fluorescent-labeled target-specific probes. This technique yields increased specificity and sensitivity since only specific DNA molecules will be labeled. Other fluorescent dyes can also be combined with probe-based qPCR to label, identify, amplify, and quantify various sequences.

Our probe-based qPCR reagents are provided as ReadyMixes with hot-start activity to promote higher specificity and sensitivity. Our LuminoCt® products are prepared optimized for common qPCR instruments and our KiCqStart® reagents are designed for a range of qPCR instruments.

Fast/Conventional qPCR:

Conventional qPCR

Fast/Conventional qPCR

KiCqStart® ReadyMix™ – Instrument Optimized

KiCqStart® Probe PCR features a stringent hot-start mechanism for greater specificity. The mastermix contains all required basic components for qPCR; simply add primers, probe, and water to finish preparing your assay. KiCqStart® is compatible with various fluorescent probes including TaqMan® probes, Molecular Beacons, LightCycle® Probes, and Scorpion® Probes. Select the KiCqStart® product below that is optimized for your instrument!

KiCqStart® ReadyMix™ – Instrument Optimized

LuminoCt® ReadyMixes – Highly Optimized

LuminoCt® performs fast qPCR in as little as 25 minutes without sacrificing accuracy, precision, or sensitivity. It is produced as a highly optimized ReadyMix developed with JumpStart Taq antibody for rapid activation and unparalleled sensitivity. The ReadyMix virtually eliminates the need to optimize assay conditions and is compatible with commonly available qPCR instruments. Often users are able to simply purchase the kit, build their assay, and get right to work.

LuminoCt ReadyMixes – Highly Optimized

Conventional qPCR

JumpStart Taq ReadyMix for Conventional qPCR

Our JumpStart ReadyMixes are ideal for high throughput; they contain all necessary components for qPCR, simply combine it with fluorescent detection, primers, and template. Unlike other pre-incorporated products, JumpStart Taq ReadyMix allows for maximum flexibility in choosing your own detection method since none is incorporated.

Superior Amplification Efficiency with Lower CT
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