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Amino Acid Codon Wheel

An amino acid codon wheel (also known as an amino acid color wheel) is a useful tool to find which amino acid is translated from your RNA sequence. Codon wheels are used by scientists, researchers and students during RNA translation to find the amino acids for that sequence as a quick, easy reference tool.

How to Use an Amino Acid Wheel

To use an amino acid codon wheel, start from the center and follow the RNA codons until you have the 3 nucleotide bases. Next, translate the three bases into an amino acid from the mRNA codons. The process is called RNA translation. Once established, follow the RNA sequence to find the amino acid that it translates to. The protein that mRNA translates to is made up of those amino acids.

A colorful circular chart that serves as a visual representation of the genetic code. It includes RNA codons, their corresponding amino acids, and the names of those amino acids. The chart is a helpful tool for understanding the translation process from RNA to proteins. It’s a detailed and informative graphic.

Use this amino acid codon wheel during RNA translation to discover the amino acids related to your sequence.

Download & Print Amino Acid Wheels

These files are available to download for your own printable amino acid codon wheel.

Downloadable Amino Acid Wheels in JPG or PNG formats. Or, launch the amino acid codon wheel SVG in a new browser window.

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