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EZ-Fit® Vacuum Manifold for Universal Membrane Filtration

Optimize your bioburden testing workflow and take control of your contamination risks

Membrane Filtration Vacuum Manifold for Microbial Limit Testing

EZ-Fit vacuum manifold

Figure 1.EZ-Fit vacuum manifold

  • Different filtration heads fit to both reusable and disposable filtration devices
  • Easy to prevent biofilms
    • easy access to all inner parts for efficient cleaning
    • each component can be removed by hand and autoclaved
  • Quick-fit connections for the vacuum tubing
  • Low height for ease of use in laminar flow hoods

The new EZ-Fit® vacuum filtration manifold design eliminates sources of contamination

EZ-Fit Manifold Cleaning without Tools

Figure 2.EZ-Fit Manifold Cleaning without Tools

When filtering water, beverages and other liquids, residual amounts of sample can become trapped in non-accessible areas of the filtration equipment, leading to the formation of a biofilm. Biofilms are aggregates of microorganisms protected by an extracellular matrix. Once formed, they are very difficult to eliminate and can eventually cause false positive results by contaminating the test. With the EZ-Fit® Manifold, biofilm formation can be prevented because every single component can be removed for easy cleaning and autoclaving. All internal areas are accessible and can be brushed and cleaned efficiently. Filtration heads, valves and tubing connections are all easily removable. The design of the 2-way valve prevents the user accidentally touching the filtration head while opening or closing the valve.

*Components can be removed without using any tools for efficient cleaning and autoclaving.

Easy to use vacuum filtration manifold to fit your needs

We have worked with membrane filtration users worldwide and across industries to develop the EZ-Fit® manifold. Taking into consideration user requirements and ergonomic improvements, we have developed a manifold that creates a new standard for “Easy to Use“. The low height design increases comfort, especially when used in laminar flow hoods. Extension accessories have been designed specifically for operators working at benches. The 2-way valves are large and easy to operate. The tubing to the vacuum source can be connected to either side of the manifold. A unique system has been incorporated to ensure the stability of the manifold on non-flat working areas, and the total weight is only 2.9 kg (for a 3-place manifold).

Filtration manifold is fully compatible with your membrane filtration system

Microfil® System

Microfil® consumables consist of single-use sterile 250 mL or 100 mL plastic funnels and sterile packed filtration membranes. Membranes are available in single pouch (S-Pak® membranes) or in rolls of 150 units (EZ-Pak®membranes), allowing touch-free, safe and fast dispensing, thanks to the EZ-Pak® Dispenser Curve.

The Microfil® head has been designed to improve ease of use, reduce maintenance and limit the risk of contamination. A continuous rim allows easy and safe membrane transfer with forceps, reducing the risk of touching the membrane filtration area. The porous filtration support can be removed simply by pressing down anywhere around its edge.

EZ-Fit® Manifold Membrane Transfer

1. Rim allows easy and safe membrane transfer

EZ-Fit® Manifold Filter Support

2. Filter support can be easily removed

Filtration Heads for Other Applications

Our range of vacuum unit filtration heads offer full compatibility with devices such as EZ-Fit® Filtration Units, stainless steel and glass funnels.

Use of…

EZ-Fit® Manifold Monitor 55 Plus

1. Easy to operate valve

EZ-Fit® Manifold Reusable Filtration Funnels

2. Vacuum connection to the left or right side

EZ-Family Membrane Filtration System

3. Quick connections for easy maintenance

Vacuum filtration manifold technical specifications

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