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Milliflex Oasis® Filtration System


Membrane filtration, widely used and recommended by global pharmacopeias, is the method of choice for water and bioburden testing in the pharmaceutical industry. The microporous membrane acts as a barrier to capture the microorganisms from the filtrable sample. Filtration allows for the retention and optimal recovery of microorganisms on culture media which generates a quantitative result.

Together with our customers we have identified areas of improvement in laboratory workflow and developed a solution that simplifies and secures your microbial testing process. The Milliflex Oasis® system improves the membrane filtration workflow and can be used for bioburden analysis in products or process water testing. This system is designed with better ergonomics for the end-user, improved traceability with our new Milliflex Trace® feature for both paper and paperless systems, and a cleaner more efficient process than the previous generation.

Watch the video to learn how the Milliflex Oasis® system offers a complete solution for your microbial testing workflow.

Milliflex Oasis<sup>®</sup> bioburden and water testing filtration system

Milliflex Oasis® System

Our Milliflex Oasis® filtration system for water and bioburden testing comes with a great number of features to create a more efficient workflow. These new features increase the ease of your bioburden testing – from productivity, reliability, as well as regulatory compliance:

We offer a complete filtration and testing solution, including services, for a secured workflow with the highest throughput capability:

  • Operator independent
  • Touch-free membrane transfer
  • Perfect contact between the membrane and the media plate
  • Color-coded media plates and labels help in easy identification and minimize the risk of errors
  • Fast hardware set-up and 50% faster filtration time vs. the previous generation
  • Attach up to 3 pumps and filter 6 samples with a single push of a button
  • Reduced decontamination time and maintenance by designBarcode and detachable labels replace manual, time-consuming record keeping
  • Compliant with USP (US Pharmacopoeia), Ph. Eur., and JP (Japanese Pharmacopoeia) recommendations
  • Labels with 2D Code on the packaging: Lot number and
    the expiration date can be checked and recorded as mentioned in the USP <1117>
  • Detachable label on primary/secondary package for
    easy transfer to logbooks
  • Unique identification for each media plate type (R2A-TSA-SDA)


The Milliflex Oasis® pump consists of a controlled vacuum source and filtration support. With its small footprint, low weight, and easy decontamination features – the pump is designed for use in biosafety cabinets, isolators, and laminar flow hoods. The Milliflex Microlite® feature of the system makes the hardware intuitive to use and easy to maintain. 

Membrane filtration pump for bioburden and water testing

Milliflex Oasis® Filtration Pump

  • No cross-contamination: The check valve situated in the removable filtration head prevents potential contamination of the membrane.
  • High throughput: Start up to 6 simultaneous filtrations with a single action by connecting 3 pumps using the default power supply and connecting cables.
  • Small footprint: The low height of the filtration units makes the operation much more comfortable.
  • Quick connections: No calibration is needed, plug in the quick connections for both the power and the drain tubing. One button to both start and stop the pump.


The Milliflex Oasis® funnel standardizes handling steps and reduces filtration time thanks to a unique drainage design. The Milliflex Protact® feature protects your samples from secondary contamination and optimizes the membrane-to-agar contact for the most reliable results. Our patented touch-free membrane transfer increases result reliability, independent from the operator.

Stackable Milliflex Oasis<sup>®</sup> filtration funnels on a tray

Milliflex Oasis® Filtration Funnels

  • Touch-free membrane transfer: The convex shape of the membrane ensures contact-free transfer to a culture media.
  • Accurate sample volume: The transparent funnel with visible level indicators ensures that the right sample volume is filtered.
  • Effortless funnel separation: A simple pinch can remove the funnel from the membrane.
  • Stackable funnel trays: Eight funnels are fixed on a tray in a protective bag that can be separated and stacked to save space.
  • Integrated membrane support: An integrated support on the base of the funnel allows faster handling and protects the membrane from secondary contamination.
  • Sample protection: The hinged lid on the funnel protects the sample and reduces the number of handling steps.


Our media plates are designed for perfect contact between membrane and culture media. The Milliflex Rack & Stack® feature includes a lockable lid for safe transportation and incubation. Together, these innovations are designed for optimal microbial recovery.

Culture media plates for use with the Milliflex Oasis<sup>®</sup> bioburden testing system

Milliflex Oasis® Media Plates

  • Color-coded media plate: The media plate is color-coded to enable easy control at each testing step.
  • Lockable assembly: The media plates can be stacked and locked to ensure safe transportation and saves valuable space in the incubator. The empty funnel tray can also be used as an incubation rack.
  • Lockable lid: The funnel lid can be used to lock the media plate which is ready for incubation. The media plate is locked and secured when closed.
  • Long shelf life: If left unopened, the plates remain sealed—unlike standard petri plates—which reduces condensation and dehydration for an extended storage time.

Rapid microbial detection system for bioburden and water testing

Milliflex® Quantum Rapid Detection System


The Milliflex® Quantum system can further improve QC lab productivity by reducing your time-to-result down to one-third of traditional methods, enabling faster release or corrective actions. It works perfectly with the Milliflex Oasis® system.


In our long history of serving the pharmaceutical industry by pioneering and refining groundbreaking solutions, we have gained the regulatory and technological expertise to offer best-in-class services.

Our experienced scientists and engineers provide comprehensive services to ensure regulatory compliance as well as optimal testing workflows and equipment performance with our validation, training, and maintenance services.

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