Milliflex® and Milliflex Oasis® Solid Culture Media and Cassettes

Our Complete Range of ISO Certified Long-life Media

complete range of ISO certified long-life media

We offer a full range of ready-to-use agar media cassettes manufactured according to ISO certified processes with high purity ingredients for long life to use with the Milliflex Oasis® system for bioburden testing.

QC tested for pH, sterility assurance, and recovery of ATCC strains typically found in bioburden applications, each product comes with a certificate of quality and are compliant with European, US and Japanese pharmacopeia requirements.

New Milliflex Oasis® Media Plates

Milliflex Oasis® media plates

The new media plates have been designed to ease your workflow steps and provide accurate results. The media material is color-coded for control of critical handling steps all along the workflow, no more media mismatch. Thanks to the Milliflex Rack & Stack® feature, the lids are locked and secured when closed to avoid any cross-contamination or drying out of the media. The incubated plates can then be assembled and locked to ensure a safe transportation.

Download the Media Selection Guide to find the right culture medium for your application.


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