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GenElute™-E Single Spin DNA and RNA Purification Kits for Green Labs

Traditional DNA and RNA purification uses silica membrane columns to isolate nucleic acid from cell, tissue, blood, and other sample types. In these methods, DNA or RNA is bound to silica using high concentrations of a chaotropic salts such as guanidine hydrochloride. These bind-wash-elute methods require multiple wash and spin steps and chemical additives that can negatively impact nucleic acid quantitation as well as downstream enzymatic processes, such as PCR.

In addition to providing higher purity DNA and RNA preps in less time, GenElute™-E Single Spin purification kits offer several sustainability benefits beyond standard silica-based kits:

  • Waste prevention: 55% reduction of the consumption of plastic consumables, including tubes and pipette tips, compared to silica-based kits
  • Better usability: Simplified workflow with fewer steps
  • Sustainable packaging: Sustainable forestry certification and more than 70% of recycled content in packaging. Starch-based, compostable bags for kit components
  • Safer disposal: No hazardous liquid waste by eliminating bind and wash steps containing ethanol and chaotropic salts

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GenElute™-E kits are based on the principle of negative chromatography using size exclusion. Impurities like salt, detergent, proteins and organic solvents are removed by the spin column, while the purified nucleic acid is collected in the flow-through – all in just one single centrifugation step. This convenient procedure enables a significantly faster purification of nucleic acid samples with less handling and reduced waste.

Sustainable Lab Solutions for DNA and RNA Purification

With fewer plastic consumables and no hazardous bind and wash buffers, GenElute™-E DNA and RNA purification kits provide an eco-friendly alternative to silica-based purification. GenElute™-E purification kits greatly reduce the amounts of plastic-based components packaged with each kit and consumed while executing protocols in the lab. All tedious binding and washing steps associated with silica-based procedures are omitted, with no use of chaotropic salts or organic solvents that require special disposal. Plastic waste can be reduced by 55% compared to common silica workflows, resulting in disposal coast savings and reduced environmental impact.

Reduced waste with GenElute™-E DNA and RNA purification kits

Green Chemistry with GenElute™-E DNA and RNA Purification Kits

We believe that green chemistry will contribute to a better tomorrow. With a growing portfolio of greener alternatives, there are now more choices to reduce the ecological impact of your research while still delivering quality and efficacy, so your results are not compromised.

Our GenElute™-E kits are aligned with both the "Prevention" and "Designing Safer Chemicals" principles from the 12 principles of green chemistry as they avoid hazardous liquid waste and significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste, compared to conventional silica-based methods. Therefore, they are classified as greener alternatives products under the category "12 Principles Aligned Products".

Our GenElute™-E kits also adhere to the principles of SMASH Packaging, our plan that drives improvement in sustainability through less packaging, more sustainable materials and easier recycling.

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