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Semi-Dry or Tank Electrotransfer Troubleshooting

Electrotransfer refers to the standard procedure for transferring proteins from a polyacrylamide gel (SDS-PAGE) onto an Immobilon® PVDF transfer membrane. The two commonly used electrotransfer techniques are tank transfer and semi-dry transfer. Both are based on the same principles and differ only in the mechanical devices used to hold the gel/membrane stack and applications of the electrical field.

Click on the Semi-dry or Tank Electrotransfer symptoms to read about the possible causes and remedies:

Band Smeared/Distorted

High Background in Fluorescent Detection

No Signal

Poor Transfer of Small Molecular Weight Proteins

Poor Transfer of Large Molecular Weight Proteins (~ >80 kDa)

Poor Transfer of Positively Charged Proteins

Poor Semi-Dry Transfer

Poor Transfer of a Wide Range of Protein Sizes

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