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SNAP i.d.® 2.0 Protein Detection System for Western Blotting

How to block, probe, wash, detect Western blots in less than
30 minutes

The immunodetection phase of Western blotting, consisting of blocking, antibody incubations, and washing steps, may be subject to experimental variability. The SNAP i.d.® 2.0 system both accelerates immunodetection, shortening time to results, and enables parallel processing of blots, making it easy to apply consistent conditions across experiments.

Benefits of SNAP i.d.® technology

The SNAP i.d.® 2.0 system uses a vacuum manifold to drive blocking reagents, antibodies, and wash buffers directly through the PVDF or nitrocellulose membrane of the blot. As a result, immunodetection is much faster: a process requiring 4-24 hours using traditional, platform shaker-dependent Western blot processing takes only 30 minutes.

Watch Video: How the vacuum-driven SNAP i.d.® 2.0 System enables 30-minute immunodetection of Western blots.

The SNAP i.d.® 2.0 Protein Detection System is intended for research use only. It is not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Features of the SNAP i.d.® 2.0 System

  • Processing of up to four blots at a time on a vacuum base with two individually controlled sides
  • Three removable blot holding frame sizes: MultiBlot, Mini, and Midi, to accommodate different blot sizes
  • Disposable blot holders, sized for MultiBlot, Mini, and Midi frames
  • Extended and off-line blot processing options: frames have lids and can be removed from the base for extended incubation (one hour to overnight), incubation in a shaker, or incubation at 4 °C
  • Stackable frames so multiple blots can be processed at the same time
  • 30-minute immunodetection with uniform signal across the blot
  • Greater than 80% antibody recovery using the Antibody Collection Trays
  • Compatible with nitrocellulose and polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) membranes
  • Works with the most blocking buffers and visualization methodologies (e.g. chemiluminescence, fluorescence, or colorimetric)

Parts and Functions of the SNAP i.d.® 2.0 System

The system consists of the following components:


SNAP i.d.® 2.0 system components

SNAP i.d.® 2.0 System Ordering Information (Hardware)

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