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Free Fatty Acid Quantitation Kit

sufficient for 100 colorimetric or fluorometric tests

Free Fatty Acid Assay Kit


sufficient for 100 colorimetric or fluorometric tests

detection method


storage temp.


General description

Free fatty acids, also know as nonesterified fatty acids, circulate in the plasma bound to albumin. The majority of free fatty acids are derived from either dietary sources or are mobilized from adipose tissue. Plasma free fatty acids are elevated in many obesity-related disorders and may contribute to insulin resistance in peripheral tissues. Conditions such as sepsis and tumors producing lipoactive homones may also be associated with elevated free fatty acid levels.

Abnormalities in fatty acid metabolism causes fatty liver disease. Accumulation of free fatty acid in myocytes leads to the risk of cardiac dysfunction. Increased fatty acid β-oxidation is implicated in cardiac ischemia.


Free Fatty Acid Quantitation Kit has been used in the following:
  • to measure lipid hydrolysis, by determining the free fatty acid in digested sample.
  • to measure plasma and serum free fatty acids level.
  • to quantify free fatty acids level in liver tissue.


Suitable for detecting the long-chain free fatty acids in various biological samples, such as serum, plasma and other body fluids, food, growth media, etc.


In this kit, the concentration of fatty acids (C8 and longer) is determined by a coupled enzyme assay, which results in a colorimetric (570 nm)/ fluorometric (λex = 535/λem = 587 nm) product, proportional to the fatty acids present.


Health hazard

Signal Word


Hazard Statements

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Hazard Classifications

Resp. Sens. 1

Storage Class Code

10 - Combustible liquids



Flash Point(F)

188.6 °F - closed cup

Flash Point(C)

87 °C - closed cup

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