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Nanoparticle Ultrafiltration
Filtration methods and membrane filter selection in nanoparticle purification and production.
Respirable Crystalline Silica Exposure
Respirable crystalline silica particles pose a significant risk to exposed workers. New, lower standard silica exposure limits were recently set by OSHA and the EU causing more workplaces to be affected by these regulations.
Setting Column Pressure Limits for Size Exclusion Chromatography
Pressure is generated by the flow through the chromatographic system. For optimal chromatography functionality, it is important to understand the principle of the pressure drop over the different parts of a system.
GC Analysis of Class 3 Residual Solvents on OVI-G43
Butyl methyl ether; Acetic acid; 2-Butanone; Ethyl acetate; Tetrahydrofuran; 1-Butanol; Isopropyl acetate; Heptane; Propyl acetate; 3-Methylbutanol; 4-Methyl-2-pentanone; Isobutyl acetate; Butyl acetate; Dimethyl sulfoxide; Anisole; Cumene
Silylation of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
Results of a study involving the ability few Fluka silylating reagents to form GC-MS-compatible trimethylsilylmethyl derivatives of NSAIDs
GC Analysis of C2-C7 Free Fatty Acids on Nukol™
Separation of Propionic acid; Acetic acid; Heptanoic acid; Isobutyric acid; Valeric acid; Isocaproic acid; Butyric acid; Isovaleric acid
GC Injection Port Septa: Use, Maintenance, Storage and Handling
Proper handling and preventative maintenance instructions for injection port septa; tips to improve the performance of gas chromatography instruments.
Retentate filtration with Millicup™-FLEX disposable vacuum filtration units
Methods and tutorial video for filtration techniques in contamination analysis using a faster alternative to glass vacuum filtration systems.
Non-volatile and Volatile Buffer Systems
This page shows volatile and non-volatile buffer suggestions for anion and cation exchange chromatography.
Optimization of Loading Conditions on Capto Adhere Using DoE
This page describes the optimization of loading conditions on Capto adhere from using full factorial design of experiments (DoE).
Troubleshooting Reversed Phase Chromatography (RPC)
Poor-quality eluent components can cause a phenomenon referred to as “ghosting”. Trace levels of organic impurities bind to the medium, concentrating during equilibration and sample application. When elution begins, these contaminants appear in the chromatogram as unknown, or “ghost” peaks.
Selection of Purification Equipment
This page covers the standard ÄKTAdesign configurations for simple IEX chromatography.
Purification of Thiol-Containing Substances By Covalent Chromatography
Thiol-containing substances can be isolated selectively by covalent binding to an activated thiolated matrix via thiol-disulphide exchange to form a mixed disulphide bond. After washing away unbound material, the thiol-containing substance is eluted by reducing the disulphide bond. This technique
Large Molecule BioAnalysis
Bioanalysis for large molecules, like Proteins or specific Biotherapeutics, refer to a set of methods, assays, and procedures that enable scientists to analyze specific proteins found in living organisms and the biochemical reactions underlying life processes.
Maintenance and Service Plans for Microbiology Testing Systems
Conformity of systems used to perform QC tests and sampling is critical to ensure reliability of test results. Discover our service plan offerings to ensure your equipment is compliant and reliable.
Resolving by Mass
Resolving by Mass
Analytical Method: ADMI Color Measurement for Prove
Photometric determination using the indophenol blue method after extraction with calcium chloride solution
Determination of Water Content in Pyridine Using Karl Fischer Titration
Summary application report for analysis of moisture in pyridine
Qualitative Thin Layer Chromatography Analysis Ginkgo
Qualitative Thin Layer Chromatography Analysis of Flavonoids and Quantification of Terpene Lactones in Ginkgo Biloba Extracts and Tablets
Analytical Method: Copper (total) in feedstuffs
Photometric determination with Cuprizon subsequent to acid mineralisation
Determination of Water Content in Kerosene
Summary application report for analysis of moisture in Kerosene
Determination of Water Content in Diethanolamine Using Karl Fischer Titration
Summary application report for analysis of moisture in Diethanolamine
Determination of Water Content in Benzene, Gasoline Using Karl Fischer Titration
Summary application report for analysis of moisture in Benzene, gasoline
Determination of Water Content in Polycarbonate Using Karl Fischer Titration
Summary application report for analysis of moisture in Polycarbonate
Determination of Water Content in Mineral Oil Using Karl Fischer Titration
Summary application report for analysis of moisture in Mineral oil
Analytical Method: Aluminium (total) in effluents
Photometric determination with Chromazurole S subsequent to acid mineralisation; DIN decomposition
Analytical Method: Analytical Quality Assurance, Standard for Chlorine dioxide
Preparation of a standard solution for Chlorine dioxide acc. to DIN EN ISO 7393
Determination of Trace Elements Following EN 13805 Using ICP-OES
F&B, elemental analysis, inductively coupled plasma, regulatory, food safety, food chemistry, nutritional value.
PLC Plates for Separations from Milligrams to Grams
Our Preparative layer (PLC) plates allow separation and purification of samples varying in quantity – from milligrams to grams.
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