Custom SPME Fibers

Sample preparation by solid phase microextraction (SPME)

Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) is an innovative, solvent-free sample prep technology that is fast, economical, and versatile. SPME has gained widespread acceptance as a preferred technique for many analytical applications in various fields such as, food & beverage, flavors and fragrances, forensics and toxicology, and environmental volatiles (VOC) testing. 

SPME uses a fiber coated with an extraction phase comprising of a pure polymer (liquid coating) or adsorptive particles embedded in a polymer (adsorbent/particle coatings). The fiber coating extracts the compounds from the sample. The SPME fiber is then inserted directly into the GC injector for thermal desorption and analysis.

To ensure accurate and reliable testing results to meet your analytical needs, we offer custom SPME fiber configurations. These customizations include:

  • phase chemistry
  • film thickness
  • needle gauge and length
  • fiber core material
  • fiber length
  • holder type

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