Environmental Air Monitoring for Particle Contamination

Environmental air monitoring is used to monitor industrial particle contamination. There has been a rise in the demand for air monitoring with an increase in use of sensitive industrial processes, concerns regarding product contamination, and an increased awareness of worker safety. Depending on the particulates, sample volume, and environment, different sampling methods and membrane materials are used.

Air Monitoring with Millipore® Stainless-Steel Aerosol Filter Holders

Millipore® 47 mm stainless-steel aerosol filter holders were designed for sampling large particle volumes, such as those found in a dust-containing environment requiring protective clothing. These reusable filter holders utilize 47 mm filters and are available in two different configurations. The open-face configuration allows for maximum, unimpeded flow during sampling, while the closed-face configuration allows for optimum particle distribution on the filter.

Membrane Filters for Millipore® Stainless-Steel Aerosol Filter Holders

Millipore® stainless-steel aerosol filter holders use 47 mm membrane filters. Most commonly, 0.8 μm MCE membranes are used, but we offer a variety of 47 mm membranes with other compositions (such as nylon, PTFE, and PVDF), pore sizes, and surfaces (gridded or non-gridded). We also offer matched weight membranes, which contain two filters in weight (±0.1 mg). The top membrane filter collects the sample and the bottom membrane filter is used as the tare weight, eliminating the need for pre-weighing in gravimetric analysis.

How to use Millipore® Stainless-Steel Aerosol Filter Holders

  1. Clean filter holder
    Disassemble the filter holder by turning the nylon lock wheel to the left. Remove the top, support screen, and gasket from the lower part of the unit. Clean each piece with filtered water or the solvent required by your method.

  2. Determine baseline particle counts
    Following the instructions in your method, you should determine the baseline particle counts in your membrane. If you are using a gridded membrane, we recommend performing a microscopic particle count. If using gravimetric analysis, pre-weigh the filter. If the baseline particle count is too high, you may wish to rinse the filter prior to sampling.

  3. Assemble filter holder with a filter membrane
    Place the PTFE gasket on the holder base and insert the support screen on top. Using forceps, position your membrane filter on top of the support screen. If using a gridded membrane, the gridded side should be up. Align the lock wheels from the locking ring into the base and lock the unit by rotating the nylon lock wheel to the right.

  4. Attach flow-limiting orifice (if needed)
    If your method specifies a certain flow rate, we offer a set of calibrated, flow-limiting orifices with various flow rates. The orifices are available in five different flow rates (1, 3, 4.9, 10 and 14 liters per minute) and are threaded into the barbed end of the stainless-steel vacuum holder.

  5. Collect sample
    Attach the vacuum tubing and apply vacuum for the specified time required in the method. Place the stainless-steel filter holder on a stand, if needed. Once the sampling is complete, turn off the vacuum and remove the vacuum tubing. Open the filter holder and remove the membrane filter using forceps. Place the membrane filter into a PetriSlide and send to your lab for analysis.

Products for Environmental Air Monitoring

Millipore® Stainless-Steel Aerosol Filter Holders

Product No.
Product Description Testing Type
XX5004710 Aerosol Open Filter Holder, 47 mm, stainless steel Open-face
XX5004700 Aerosol Standard Filter Holder, 47 mm, stainless steel Close-face

Aerosol Filter Holder Accessories

Product No. Product Description Pack Size
XX5000000 Flow-limiting Orifices, set of 5 5
XX5000002 Flow-limiting Orifice, 1 L/min 1
XX5000020 Flow-limiting Orifice, 2 L/min 1
Z355445 PetriSlides 100

47 mm cut disc membranes for environmental air monitoring†

Product Description Membrane Type Pore Size Pack Size Product No.
MF-Millipore™ Membrane Filter MCE   0.22 µm 100 GSWP04700
0.45 µm 100 HAWP04700
0.65 µm 100 DAWP04700
0.8 µm 100 AAWP04700
1.2 µm 100 RAWP04700
5 µm 100 SMWP04700
8 µm 100 SCWP04700
Mitex™ Membrane Filter PTFE (hydrophobic) 5 µm 100 LSWP04700
10 µm 100 LCWP04700
Millipore® disc filters Glass fiber filter, without binder 0.7 µm 500 AP4004705

†Membranes shown in this table are only part of our cut disc membrane offering. Please visit our Millipore® Filtration page to explore our complete offering.