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ATIS™ Adsorbent Tube Injector System

ATIS™ Adsorbent Tube Injector System
Thermal Extraction Glassware
Purge and Trap/Humidifier Module for the ATIS
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The Supelco ATIS is a sample preparation device for adsorbent tubes. The Adsorbent Tube Injector System employs the technique of flash vaporization to vaporize the sample into a continuous flow of an inert gas, which carries the sample to the adsorbent tube. The sample pathway of the Adsorbent Tube Injector System is constructed of glass and stainless steel. The calibration standard is injected by a syringe through a replaceable septum in the center of the injection glassware, which is heated.

Features & Benefits:

  • Inject calibration standards onto adsorbent tubes, to calibrate your analytical system
  • Inject surrogates and system monitoring compounds onto adsorbent tubes before or after sampling
  • Remove moisture from tubes prior to analysis (Dry purging)
  • Connect an air-sampling bag to the outlet of the ATIS to vaporize a calibration standard prior to assuring complete vaporization

The ATIS will accept either 1/4" or 6mm OD Thermal Desorption tubes. Included are Luer/Hose Barb adapters to connect a variety of solvent desorption tubes.

The temperature range of the ATIS is ambient to 120°C. The flow rate range is 0 to 100mL/min.

The ATIS includes the injection glassware, a constant flow controller with an on/off valve, the heating source, spare parts along with all the necessary fittings and tubing. You simply plumb it to a regulated source of nitrogen or helium and plug it in to the appropriate electrical source.

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Thermal Extraction Glassware

Use the ATIS to thermally extract samples onto an adsorbent tube. The opening in the glassware will accept solid samples up to 1/2" (13mm) in diameter and up to 3" long (76mm) to be inserted into the glassware. The extraction glassware simply slides into the ATIS heating block. Two types of glass joints are available.

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Purge &Trap Humidifier for ATIS

A separate module is available that will allow you to purge aqueous samples onto an adsorbent tube at ambient temperatures. This module can also be used to generate a dynamic humidified stream of the carrier gas for spiking calibration standards. The purge and trap module includes purge and trap glassware, and a separate flow controller that allows the user to set a separate purge (wet) flow rate independently of the dry flow rate. The purge and trap module accepts standard 22mL threaded vials to simplify your sample prep.