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Cross-Reference for SKC Air Monitoring Products

The tables below cross-reference Supelco alternatives that may be used as replacements for products from SKC, Inc.
Use the information to find equivalents or substitutes for commonly used adsorbents, including some that are discontinued.

Anasorb® CMS Sorbent and TD Tubes
Carbon Cross-Reference Guide
XAD® Adsorbent Tubes

Replacements for Anasorb CMS Sorbent Tubes & Thermal Desorption Tubes
Supelco manufactures all Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) and Graphitized Carbon Black (GCB) adsorbent materials in-house.

Anasorb® CMS Sorbent and TD Tubes

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Sorbent Tubes
(Note: Anasorb CMS 150/75 mg is replaced with Carbosieve SIII 130/65 mg)
Agency Method Contaminant
OD x Length
SKC Cat. No. Supelco Cat No.
OSHA 69 Acetone
Glass Sealed,
6 mm x 70 mm L
226-121 20360
OSHA 75 Vinyl Chloride 226-121 20360
OSHA 80 Methylene Chloride 226-121 20360
NIOSH 2500
2-Butanone (MEK- Methyl Ethyl Ketone) 226-121
226-81 (alt)
OSHA 103 Enflurane 226-121 20360
  Halothane 226-121 20360
  Isoflurane 226-121 20360
OSHA 113 1,1,2-Trichloro-1,2,2-trifluoroethane (Freon 113) 226-121 20360
  1,1-Dichloro-1-fluoroethane (Freon 141b) 226-121 20360
NIOSH 1025 1- and 2- Bromopropane 226-121
226-01 (alt)
NIOSH 2555 Ketones 226-121 20360
NIOSH 2558 Acetoin 226-121
226-81 (alt)
NIOSH 2562 1,1,2,2-Tetrachloroethane 226-121 20360


Thermal Desorption Tubes
(Note: Anasorb CMS is replaced with Carbosieve SIII or other Carboxen materials)
Agency Method Contaminant Adsorbent OD x Length SKC
Cat. No.
Cat No.
NIOSH 2549
Volatile Organic Compounds
Carbotrap™ 349
(Carbopack Y, B & Carboxen 1003)
6 mm x 115 mm L 226-330 29533-U
ASTM D6196
Volatile Organic Compounds,
Screening (VOCs)
Carbosieve™ SIII 6 mm x 89 mm (3.5 in) L 226-302 20012-U
6 mm x 7 in L 226-337 28274-U
EPA TO-17 Volatile Organic Compounds,
Screening (VOCs)
Carbotrap 300
(Carbotrap C, B & Carbosieve SIII)
SS, 6 mm x 89 mm (3.5 in) L 226-350 21705-U
SS, 6 mm x 7 in L N/A 28273-U
SS, ¼ in x 7 in L N/A 20370-U
EPA TO-17;
“Air Toxics”
Volatile Organic Compounds,
Screening (VOCs)
Carbotrap 217
(Carbotrap B, Carboxen 1000)
SS, 6 mm x 89 mm (3.5 in) L 226-349 20013-U
SS=Stainless Steel

Please consider the following passive sampling option:

Passive Sampling
Agency Method Contaminant
Passive Sampler
SKC Cat. No. Supelco Cat No.
OSHA 1004 2-Butanone (MEK),
Hexone (MIBK)
Radiello BTEX
for Solvent Desorption
575-002 RAD130 / RAD120


Additional Products
Carbosieve™ and Carboxen™ Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) adsorbents.
Carbotrap™ and Carbopack™ Graphitized Carbon Black (GCB) adsorbents.
Selection of available Supelco solvent desorption tubes and thermal desorption tubes for air sampling.



Carbon Adsorbent Cross-Reference Guide back to top
Adsorbent Type *For Analyte Size Supelco Adsorbent SKC Adsorbent
Graphitized Carbon Black (GCB) C3-C9 Carbotrap X, Carbopack X, Carbopack Z Not Available
C5-C12 Carbotrap, Carbopack B Anasorb GCB1
C12-C20 Carbotrap C, Carbopack C, Carbotrap Y, Carbopack Y Anasorb GCB2
>C20 Carbotrap F, Carbopack F Not Available
Carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS) C2-C5 Carboxen 564 Anasorb 347
Carboxen 564, Carboxen 1000, Carbosieve SIII Anasorb CMS
(not available)
Carboxen 564, Carboxen 1000, Carbosieve SIII Anasorb 747
Carboxen 569, Carboxen 572, Carboxen 1001, Carboxen 1012, Carboxen 1013, Carboxen 1018, Carboxen 1021 Not Available
C3-C9 Graphsphere 1016 Not Available
*Analyte size relative to n-alkanes. Consider all atoms, not just carbon. For example, even though 1,2-dichloroethane is C2, the two chlorine atoms give it a relative size between C4 and C5.


Additional Information
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Carbon Adsorbents - Physical Characteristics and Selection Guide
Technical Report (T402025): A Tool for Selecting an Adsorbent for Thermal Desorption Applications (291Kb PDF)



XAD Sorbent Tubes back to top

Why you should get your XAD sorbent tubes from Supelco:

  • Amberlite® XAD materials are exclusively produced by Sigma-Aldrich/Supelco, under license from Rohm & Haas.
  • Our purified versions of Amberlite XAD-2 are the Supelpak™-2 materials. These have been treated in accordance with the special requirements outlined in official methods.


XAD-2 Cross-Reference (partial list)
Agency Method Contaminant Adsorbent Bed wt.(mg) OD x Length SKC
Cat. No.
Cat. No.
NIOSH 2538
Acetaldehyde 2-HMP on XAD-2 450/225 8 mm x 115 mm L 226-27 20357
OSHA 52 Acrolein 2-HMP on XAD-2 150/75 6 mm x 105 mm L 226-117 20231
NIOSH 2501
NIOSH 2539
+other aldehydes
2-HMP on XAD-2 120/60 6 mm x 85 mm L 226-118 20257-U
OSHA 62 Dursban
XAD-2 270/140 OSHA Versatile Sampler (OVS) 226-30-16 20350
OSHA 63 Carbaryl (Sevin) XAD-2 270/140 OSHA Versatile Sampler (OVS) 226-30-16 20350


Additional Products
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Anasorb is a registered trademark of SKC, Inc.
XAD and Amberlite are registered trademarks of Rohm and Haas Company