Custom Desorption Tubes and Adsorbent Capabilities

Custom Desorption Tubes
We routinely manufacture desorption tubes (ORBO™, Solvent Desorption, Thermal Desorption) on request, for standard methods or customer-specific applications. Our in-house glass and machine shops fabricate glass and metal tubes to be compatible with commercially available desorption systems, or to unique specifications. We offer the widest range of adsorbent materials, including porous polymers (Chromosorb®, Porapak, Tenax®), carbon molecular sieves (Carbosieve®, Carboxen®), graphitized carbons (Carbopack™, Carbotrap®), and activated charcoals. Prices for custom prepared tubes are comparable to prices for our stock items.
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Custom Adsorbents
We pride ourselves on being able to tailor carbon adsorbents to specific applications. Supelco carbon adsorbents are available in bulk, and packed in columns, sampling tubes, or gas purifiers. Capacity extends from bench- to pilot-scale.
Review the physical characteristics of some of our standard carbon adsorbents in the Selection Guide for Adsorbents.
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