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Mercury Emissions Sampling Tubes

Mercury Emissions Sampling Tubes - (ordering information)

Mercury vapor sampling tubes are designed for short-term and continuous sampling of total mercury emissions in combustion flue gas streams according to US EPA Method 324 (40 CFR Part 75 Appendix K). Compared to competing technologies, our mercury sampling tubes offer the following advantages:

  • Generate accurate and precise multi-point mercury measurements
  • Permit practical, economical long-term continuous mercury monitoring solutions

Known volumes of flue gas are extracted from a duct through the tubes containing a chemically impregnated carbon. The trap is then acid digested and the resulting digest is analyzed by cold vapor atomic fluorescence spectroscopy (CVAFS) detection as described in EPA method 1631, Revision E.

Matrix: FSTM Adsorbent

Note: Currently, these sampling tubes require analysis by Frontier Labs in the USA.

Agency Method Application
  US EPA 324 - Determination of Vapor Phase Mercury Emissions from Stationary Sources Using Dry Sorbent Trap Sampling (Now Appendix K to 40 CFR Part 75)