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TDS3 Storage Containers - Installation

About TDS3 Storage Containers
The purpose of the TDS3 storage container is to protect the tubes from contaminants after the tube has been conditioned.
TDS3 Storage Containers are available for all sizes of thermal desorption tubes. You can easily replace Swagelok® fittings with TDS3 storage containers. In addition to protecting the thermally conditioned integrity of the tube, TDS3 storage containers also protect tube-labeling details and are easy to operate in the field because no tooling is required.

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TDS3 Storage Container
Note: the TDS3 bodies vary in length, but the same steps apply regardless of its length.

The pictures below illustrate a glass tube, the same steps apply with stainless steel tubes.

The following How-To-Guide describes the steps required to assemble and seal Thermal Desorption (TD) tubes in the TDS3 storage containers. Typically the TD tubes are sealed in the container after the tube has been conditioned.

Installation Instructions

  1. Wash hands thoroughly before handling the septa. (Finger oils, hand creams will contaminate the septum).
  2. Make sure the work surface is clean prior to installing the septum.
  3. Insert one septum into each storage cap. (The TAN side must be facing up).
    Use a clean pipette or an empty tube to seat the septum in the bottom of the storage cap.
    Pipette tip
      It is important the septum is placed in the cap correctly. The TAN side must face up. The septum must sit flat in the bottom of the cap.
    Correct installation of septa
  1. Screw one Cap (with septum installed) onto the Body by threading it 3 to 4 turns.
    TDS3 Installation Step 3

  1. Insert the TD tube (direction does not matter) into the TDS3 Body. Adjust the Cap until the tube protrudes from the opposite end approximately 1/4" (6mm).
    TDS3 Installation Step 5
    Note: The seal is made on the end of the tube, not on the ends of the container.

  1. Screw the other Cap (with septum installed) onto the opposite end of the body.

  2. Using both hands, tighten both Caps together until they are hand tight. Tighten until you feel a slight resistance--Do not over tighten.
    TDS3 Installation Step 7
    Note: the amount of threads showing on each side should be close to the same.

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