Column Sets


SMB (simulated moving bed) is a form of preparative chromatography that utilizes multiple columns that act in concert as a single column. Throughput using SMB can be significantly higher than batch or column format. The qualities of Astec® CHIROBIOTIC® CSPs that make them ideal for prep, including SMB, are excellent enantioselectivity, especially for polar and ionic compounds, mobile phase flexibility to maximize sample solubility, versatility for operation in all mobile phases without memory effects and high column efficiency for high throughput and minimal downstream processing. Especially relevant for prep by SMB, the ruggedness of CHIROBIOTIC® CSPs enable long-term and reliable operation. The new Astec® CHIROBIOTIC® columns for SMB feature particle size and column dimensions chosen for high flow rate and high efficiency. The set′s 8 columns have efficiencies that are matched to within 6% rsd. Single columns in 25 cm x 4.6 mm I.D. and 5 cm x 10 mm I.D. dimensions are available for method development and scale-up experiments.
View a technical presentation on Astec® CHIROBIOTIC CSPs for SMB applications.