Ultrapur Reagents for Wet Digestion

Ultra-pure acids and bases for wet digestion in environmental, water and food analyses.
Ultrapur products are designed for ultra-trace analysis at ppb and ppt levels. Typical metal trace impurities are below 1 μg/kg (<1 ppb), in some cases even as low as the ppq level. To maintain purity, most Ultrapur products are delivered in PFA bottles.

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16911 Hydrogen peroxide solution 30 % (w/w), for ultratrace analysis 30 Analytical
14211 Water ACS reagent, for ultratrace analysis   Analytical
1.01514 Hydrochloric acid 30% Ultrapur    
1.01513 Hydrofluoric acid 48% Ultrapur    
1.06097 Hydrogen peroxide solution 31% Ultrapur    
1.01518 Nitric acid 60% Ultrapur    
94468 Screw cap wrench for 250 mL and 1L PFA bottles    
1.01516 Sulfuric acid 96% Ultrapur 96  
1.01262 Water Ultrapur