Optimize Technologies Inc. OPTI-SOLV® Mini, Micro, and Nano Filter

OPTI-SOLV Mini Filters are designed to provide effective pre-column filtration with perfect zero-dead-volume connections every time. Mini Filters use the patented floating tube-stem design to provide a very low-volume filtration solution ideal for protecting your analytical column or even your LC-MS interface.

The OPTI-SOLV Mini Filter provides low-impact filtering in a package no longer than a finger tight fitting. Use them to prolong the life of your analytical column, or before your mass spectrometer as a last line of defense against debris.

The OPT-SOLV Micro Filter is based on the same design as the Mini Filter and cuts the internal volume to less than 200 nl. It retains the Mini Filter′s ease of use and functionality. The Opti-Solv Micro Filter features a zero-dead volume connection utilizing Optimize Technologies Inc. patented floating stem technology.
OPTI-SOLV Mini Filter