Chiral Method Development Kits (GC)

Economical selection of our most popular columns for chiral GC

Predicting the best column for a new chiral method is difficult, if not impossible. Unless a published method exists for your precise analytes, multi-column screening is still the only way. Our Method Development kits contain the most popular Astec® CHIRALDEX or Supelco DEX phases, along with a comprehensive method development guide. The kits are priced at a substantial savings over the cost of the columns sold separately. If you prefer other column dimensions that what we have listed, please contact us. We also offer chiral HPLC column kits.

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71030AST Astec® CHIRALDEX® GC Column Screening Kit L × I.D. 30 m × 0.25 mm, pkg of 1 kit
24340 Supelco DEX GC Column Screening Kit kit I
24328-U Supelco DEX GC Column Screening Kit kit II