SPME Fast Fit Fiber Assemblies (FFA) & Accessories

This new generation of SPME products was developed by Chromline srl Prato Italy in cooperation with Supelco expanding the applicability of SPME. This product line is centered around the barcoded SPME Fast Fit Fiber Assemblies (FFA) that can be automatically exchanged on a CTC CombiPAL type autosampler equipped with the Multi Fiber EXchanger (MFX) system.
A new SPME Diffusive Sampling Fiber Holder (DFH) can be used also to perform quantitative air sampling using SPME. The SPME-FFA Field Sampler (FFA-FS) is suitable for grab sampling also under tough conditions. Both holders incorporate a spring loaded PTFE Sealing mechanism ensuring fiber conditioning and integrity of loaded sample. The two SPME Storage Containers, one for FFAs and one for common SPME fibers, employ the same sealing mechanism.