LC-MS Mobile Phase Additives

It is common practice in LC-MS to add certain chemicals to the mobile phase or introduce them post-column prior to the interface to influence analyte ionization in order to improve the analyte signal. However, some additives may be used to suppress unwanted signals or selectively enhance the signal of particular compounds in a mixture, for example glycosidic species in a mixture of peptides. Sigma-Aldrich offers a wide range of high purity additives for LC-MS applications including the most commonly used acids, bases, volatile salts and sodium source. All are of high purity and tested for LC-MS applications.

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5.33001 Acetic acid 100% for LC-MS LiChropur®  
5.33002 Formic acid 98% - 100% for LC-MS LiChropur®  
5.33003 Ammonia solution 25% for LC-MS LiChropur®  
5.33004 Ammonium acetate for LC-MS LiChropur®  
5.33005 Ammonium hydrogen carbonate for LC-MS LiChropur®  
73594 Ammonium acetate for mass spectrometry, eluent additive for LC-MS 99
70221 Ammonium formate for mass spectrometry, ≥99.0% 99