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LpDNPH H Series Cartridges

The H series of LpDNPH cartridges contain higher loadings of 2,4-DNPH and/or larger bed weights compared to the S10 cartridges. This provides higher capacity for carbonyls making the H series cartridges the preferred choice for use in high concentration environments. The H series is available in H10 (350 mg), H30 (1 g) and H300 (10 g) cartridges.

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505315 LpDNPH H Series Cartridges H10, volume 3 mL
505320-U LpDNPH H Series Cartridges H10, bed wt. 350 mg, volume 3 mL
505323 LpDNPH H Series Cartridges H30, bed wt. 1 g, volume 6 mL
505331 LpDNPH H Series Cartridges H300, bed wt. 10 g, volume 20 mL