LpDNPH Sorbent Tubes (ORBO)

The single-bed ORBO-DNPH tube contains 120 mg of high purity 2,4-DNPH packed into a 6 mm O.D. x 90 mm Long glass sorbent tube with a break seal "frangible" at both ends. The ORBO-555 and ORBO-558 LpDNPH Tubes both contain two beds packed with high purity LpDNPH with a front bed of 300-mg and a back-up bed of 150-mg. (NIOSH 2016 Appendix B). The ORBO-555 is a 6 mm O.D. tube suitable for sampling at lower flow ranges up to 0.4L/min, and the ORBO-558 is an 8 mm tube which extends the flowrate range up to 2.0L/min.

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54020-U ORBO 555 LpDNPH 300/150 mg Sorbent Tube W,W,W separators, O.D. × L 6 mm × 105 mm, pkg of 20 ea
54081-U ORBO558 LpDNPH 300/150 mg Sorbent Tube W,W,W separators, glass tube size × L 8 mm × 115 mm, pkg of 20 ea
20081-U ORBO-DNPH LpDNPH on Silica Gel, 120 mg PE separators, O.D. × L 6 mm × 90 mm , w/frangible seal, pk of 10 tubes