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Specialty Carbon Adsorbents

View or download brochure: Supelco Specialty Carbon Adsorbents

Unlike non-specific, low-tech carbon black and activated carbon adsorbents, our specialty carbon adsorbents are highly engineered materials, many manufactured from highly pure synthetic polymers. They can be designed with:
  • The shape we want, either spherical or granular
  • No pores, or more/less of any pore type to serve a specific purpose
  • Tapered pores (from macro- to meso- to micro-) which increases thermodynamic and kinetic efficiency
  • A through-pore or closed-pore structure, which influences microporous strength and kinetic effectiveness
  • Surface pH adjustments, as low as 2.5 to as high as 10.5

Today, we make over 30 different specialty carbon adsorbents ranging in particle size from <0.2 to 850 mm and surface areas from 5 to 1500 m2/g. Any modifications (activation, oxidation, graphitization, surface pH adjustments, etc.) are accomplished through physical means, not chemical means. Our full line of specialty carbon adsorbents includes:
  • Carbon Adsorbent Sampler Kits - a cost-effective way to evaluate several of our specialty carbon adsorbents.
  • Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) Adsorbents - the porous carbon skeletal framework that remains after pyrolysis of a polymeric precursor. Includes the Carboxen® and Carbosieve® product lines.
  • Spherical Graphitized Polymer Carbon (SGPC) Adsorbents - a porous or non-porous core plus a graphitized shell of a controlled thickness. Includes the Graphsphere product line.
  • Graphitized Carbon Black (GCB) Adsorbents - generally are non-porous carbons. Includes the Carbotrap®, Carbopack, and Small Particle GCB product lines.
  • Scalable Specialty Carbon Adsorbents - we can produce large amounts (<1,000 Kg annually) of 16 specialty carbon adsorbents

Visit our Physical Characteristics and Selection Guide page to view technical information.