USP L49 HPLC Columns

A reversed-phase packing made by coating a thin layer of polybutadiene on to spherical porous zirconia particles, 3 to 10 micron in diameter.

Note: We have only included the most popular dimensions of our preferred brands in the selection below. If you do not see the brand, dimension, or phase you are looking for, please call us or visit the "HPLC Columns, by Brand" or "HPLC Columns, by Phase" section in this on-line product catalog. Discovery Zr is available in other phases, including:

  • Discovery Zr-PS (polystyrene-coated)
  • Discovery Zr-Carbon (carbon-clad)
  • Discovery Zr-CarbonC18 (C18-modified, carbon-clad)
  • Discovery Zr-SAX (strong anion exchanger)
  • Discovery Zr-PBD (listed here)

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65718-U Discovery® Zr-PBD HPLC Column 3 μm
15 cm × 4.6 mm