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Chemical Standards

We offer two standards that contain the same list of C4 to C24 FAMEs, including two C18:3 linolenic acid methyl ester isomers. These standards are very useful in identifying the FAMEs present in B100 biodiesel regardless of the source of biomass starting material. Our 37-Component FAME Mix is made in methylene chloride, and is ready for GC analysis. Our C4-C24 F.A.M.E. Mix is a NEAT standard that requires the user to dilute in the injection solvent of their choice prior to GC analysis.

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18919-1AMP F.A.M.E. Mix, C4-C24 certified reference material,  wt. % (varied)
CRM47885 Supelco 37 Component FAME Mix certified reference material, TraceCERT®, in dichloromethane (varied conc.), ampule of 1 mL