HPLC Columns

The HPLC analysis utilizes a crosslinked polystyrene/divinylbenzene resin ion exchange column. Traditional methods require a balancing of resolution and run time:
  • Methods with fast run times (<12 minutes) sacrifice resolution of the early eluting saccharides, and often show co-elution of the dextrin, maltotriose and maltose peaks.
  • Methods focused on improved resolution of these simple sugars suffer from long run times, often exceeding 22 minutes.

Our SUPELCOGEL C-610H column has proven to be an excellent choice for this analysis, yielding a short 14 minute run time with resolution of eight key analytes. These columns contain a sulfonated divinylbenzene ion exchange resin with the cation in the hydrogen form.

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59320-U SUPELCOGEL C610H, 6% Crosslinked HPLC Column 9 μm particle size, L × I.D. 30 cm × 7.8 mm