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FAMEs by Boiling Point Elution

The analysis of FAMEs by boiling point elution is used for pattern recognition. This technique is useful for:
  • Determining the source of fatty acids when compared to patterns/profiles from known references, each with a unique fatty acid distribution. Qualitative and quantitative analysis is fundamental to food manufacturers for quality control, purity determination, and for the detection of adulterants.
  • Observing subtle differences from sample-to-sample, which allows the effects on fatty acid metabolism, caused by either external or internal influences, to be detected. This growing area of research is commonly referred to as metabolomics, and extends to compound classes beyond fatty acids.

The separation of analytes in a boiling point elution requires the use of a non-polar GC column. The Equity-1, a rugged non-polar column, can be used for this application with great success.