SSI TC-20 Tubing Cutter

The SSI Model TC-20 electric stainless steel tube cutter assures a zero dead volume connection. Because the tubing is held securely in a clamp vise on the vertical swing arm, a square cut is produced when the swing arm is lowered against the abrasive cutting wheel, which produces a finished end. No lubricant or cutting fluid is required.
The unit, which is CE marked, will cut most common tubing used in chromatography. Tubing with 1/16 in., 1/8 in., and 1/4 in. outside diameter, can be smooth-cut and dressed without distortion.

The precision ground dressing tool for the 1/16 in. O.D. tubing is included and is attached directly to the swing arm: it cannot be misplaced or lost. A dressing tool (deburring tool- Cat. No. 58804) for 1/8 in. diameter can be ordered separately.

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58539-U SSI TC-20 Tubing Cutter AC/DC input 110 V / 220 V AC, 50-60 Hz (voltage selectable), CE compliant