Valco® Pre-Column Filter

In-line installation. Efficient, low dead volume filters protect your columns from particles without reducing column performance. The replaceable 1/8in. frit has 0.5 μm pores to protect 3 μm or 5 μm column packings, the replaceable screen has 2 μm pores. Choose the frit filter for higher filtration capacity (most applications) or the screen filter for less dead volume (e.g., with microbore columns). Use with 1/16in. O.D. tubing; 1/16in. fittings included.

Frits and screens should not be interchanged inn these filters.

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58420-U Valco® Pre-Column Filter Frit Filter, size 1/8  in., pore size 0.5 μm
58279-U Valco® Pre-Column Filter Screen Filter, pore size 2.0 μm