Supel-Connect High-Performance Fittings and Nuts

  • Fittings are for use with PEEK, PEEKsil, or stainless steel tubing
  • Used at pressures to 15,000 psi
  • SupelConnect Better Nut allows use in tighter places
  • Sliding ferrule design allows for use in any port
  • Knurled area for hand tightening
  • Strain relief cone to prevent tube kinking

SupelConnect Long and Short High Performance fitting adjust to any port depth
Bottom, 51368-U. Counter clockwise left to right, 51361-U, 51389-U, 51367-U, 51369-U, 51366-U, 513

Supel-Connect Better Nut

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51359-U Supel-Connect High Performance Fittings Better Nut, size 1/16  in., pkg of 10 ea