Supelco DEX Kits

These kits provide the necessary columns to perform most chiral separations and run mechanistic studies, and are offered at very attractive prices.
Supelco DEX Kit I is valuable for studying the effect of CD size on a separation. All three columns in the kit, α-DEX 120, β-DEX 120, and γ-DEX 120, have the same permethylated derivative, but on different size CDs. One application is to confirm enantiomer identification by monitoring elution order changes (enantioreversal) from one column to another.
Supelco DEX Kit II contains four columns, each 30 m x 0.25 mm I.D., 0.25 μm, one each of β-DEX 120, β-DEX 225, γ-DEX 225, and β-DEX 325. Combining this kit with Supelco DEX Kit I spans the full range of Supelco DEX column enantioselectivity.

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24340 Supelco DEX GC Column Screening Kit kit I
24328-U Supelco DEX GC Column Screening Kit kit II