Push/Pull Lock Valve (PLV)


The Push Lock or Pull Lock (PLV) valve is our original gas sampling bag valve fitting which is composed of high-grade inert polypropylene and features our Thermogreen LB-2 septum sandwiched between the film and the valve body; the sample in the bag is not exposed to the septum until it is punctured to remove the sample. This valve design will not deadhead the sampling pump causing an immediate in rush of air when the valve is opened. When the valve is in the closed or locked position (pulled up and turned), the sample flows down the stem of the valve and exits a small hole above the o-ring seal of the valve. When the stem is pushed in to open the valve, the flow is directed into the bag. This valve is an excellant choice when exact flow rates are required. It is securely fastened in the center of the bag and the stem is perpendicular to the bag surface..