GC Supports

A GC support is the solid or porous particle that a liquid (gum) stationary phase is coated onto then dried, making a GC packing which can then be use to fill a GC column. We use three types of supports:

  • Carbon: Our Carbopack specialty carbon materials make excellent GC supports. Because these materials are synthesized in-house, their physical and chemical characteristics can be controlled more tightly than with natural materials. Carbopack materials are also widely used as adsorbents in air sampling media.
  • Diatomite: Sedimentary rock composed of the siliceous skeletal remains of pre-historic single-celled aquatic plants. These naturally-occurring materials must first be mined from deposits then processed for use a GC supports. Versions include NAW (non-acid washed), AW (acid washed), and AW-DMCS (acid washed then silanized). Our SUPELCOPORT supports are similar to Chromosorb W AW-DMCS materials, although more inert. We do not offer diatomite supports for sale.
  • Fluorocarbon: A high molecular weight fluorocarbon resin particle is both inert and has a fairly high surface area. It is useful for lower temperature applications when a highly inert surface is required. We do not offer fluorocarbon supports for sale.

Custom Capabilities: The products listed here are only those that are stock items. We have the ability to manufacture many, many more products. If you do not see the item you need, please contact Supelco_Quotes@sial.com.