Uncoated GC Packings

Uncoated packings consist of an adsorbent-type support that does not require a liquid (gum) stationary phase to be coated on it to perform chromatography. We use some of the most commonly used carbon, molecular sieve, and porous polymer adsorbents:
  • Carboxen Adsorbents: Carbon molecular sieve materials with through-pore structures, providing excellent thermodynamic and kinetic properties.
  • Carbosieve Adsorbents: Carbon molecular sieve materials with closed-pore structure, which provides very strong retention of small molecules.
  • Molecular Sieve Adsorbents: Synthetically produced zeolites (naturally occurring aluminosilicate minerals), characterized by pores and internal cavities of extremely uniform dimensions
  • Tenax Adsorbents: Widely used porous polymers with unique structures which provide alternate and desirable adsorption/desorption characteristics compared to other porous polymers.
  • HayeSep Adsorbents: Second generation porous polymer materials that exhibit minimal shrinkage and monomer bleed.
  • Porapak Adsorbents: These are first generation porous polymer materials.
  • Chromosorb Adsorbents: These polyaromatic cross-linked porous polymers have uniform rigid structures. We do not offer these materials for sale.
Many of these materials are also used as adsorbents in air collection media.