ChiroSolv® Resolving Kits


ChiroSolv Resolving Kits are 96-well format kits that enable rapid screening of resolving agents and solvents for chiral separation. Each of these ready-to-use disposable kits contains a combination of eight resolving agents and 12 solvents and can separate a wide variety of racemates, including acids, bases, alcohols, amino acids, aldehydes, and ketones. Using these kits, optimum resolution that typically requires over two months can be achieved within 24 hours.

ChiroSolv Kits use the method of diastereomeric crystallization, a process that chemically separates enantiomers in a racemic mixture by complexation with an enantiopure acid or base, resulting in a mixture of diastereomeric salts. These salts have different chemical and physical properties, which allow their separation. This well-established technology competes favorably with newer techniques such as asymmetric synthesis, biocatalysis, enzyme resolution, kinetic resolution, or chiral chromatography. One major advantage of diastereomeric crystallization is that the procedure scales up easily for manufacturing purposes. Today around 65% of chiral products are made using this technique.

We offer two different formats for each kit series - one for solid racemates, the other for liquid racemates. The kits for liquid racemates provide resolving agent and solvent combination in each vial. The racemate can then simply be added to start the screening process. The kits for solid racemates allow the researcher to dissolve the racemate into a volatile solvent and then dispense the resultant solution into each vial containing a resolving agent. The volatile solvent is evaporated and the prepared screening solvents are then dispensed from a separate plate into each vial.