Norgren® Particle and Oil Filters

Airborne contaminants (dust, moisture, and organic pollutants) can be drawn into the air intake of an air compressor. The air compressor can add contaminants (oil vapors and aerosol droplets, plus sludge, rust, and other matter). These contaminants can significantly shorten the lifetimes of downstream zero air generators, nitrogen generators, and other downstream instruments, and can affect the performance of the instruments themselves. The particle-, oil-, and oil vapor-removing filters described here will eliminate these contaminants from compressed air.

Three types of filters are offered:

  • Norgren Particle Filters remove liquids and solid particles as small as 5 microns in diameter. One of these filters should be the initial filtering device downstream from the air compressor (see figure).
  • Norgren Oil-Removing (Coalescing) Filters remove submicron solid particles and oil aerosols, down to 0.01 micron. At 21 °C, from an inlet concentration of 8 ppm, a maximum of 0.01 ppm oil will leave the filter.
  • Norgren Oil Vapor-Removing Filters remove oil vapors. At 21 °C, only 0.003 ppm oil will remain in air leaving the filter, when it is used properly (the oil vapor-removing filter must be protected by an oil-removing filter). We recommend incorporating this three filter system in any compressed line serving sensitive, high-performance gas chromatography or other laboratory instruments.