Molded Thermogreen® LB-2 GC Septa

The Perfect Combination of Low Bleed, Thermal Stability, and Easy Puncturability!

Molded Thermogreen LB-2 septa are manufactured from high quality, low bleed material using the same exclusive LB-2 rubber formulation that chromatographers are accustomed to using. The difference is that molded septa, unlike traditional die-cut septa, offer easier installation and better sealing inside the injection port. This is because our liquid injection molding process ensures that every septum conforms to the same shape with crisp, clean sides. This is an improvement over a die-cutting process where septa can become cupped and/or distorted when the cutting surface becomes dull.
The useable inlet temperature range of 100-350 °C is adequate for most GC applications. Don′t be fooled by other septa that advertise a maximum temperature of 400 °C (to make a septa with high thermal limits, it must be made stiffer, resulting in septa that are harder to pierce and easier to core)! Visit our septa proof page to see the low bleed and high puncturability aspects of these septa.

Our molded Thermogreen LB-2 septa offer the perfect combination of low bleed, thermal stability, and easy puncturability.
  • Rubber formulation exclusive to Supelco
  • Strict tolerances (diameter, thickness, injection hole) due to constant dimension of the mold itself
  • Ultra low bleed over a wide range of inlet temperatures (100 °C to 350 °C)
  • No foreign substances/powders (which could contaminate the inlet) are used during manufacturing
  • Fully tested for bleed and contamination
  • Already conditioned, ready to use
  • Ideal for use with low bleed GC-MS columns

Molded Thermogreen LB-2 septa are offered in two styles:
  • With injection hole - reduces coring and extends life
  • Solid discs - traditional design